Who Is My Neighbor?

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful family that had been blessed with an angel. She was a beautiful baby girl just two months old. I would have missed getting to know her and her family had I not chosen to step out of my comfort zone. I would have missed getting to hold her. You see, she went home to be with the Lord shortly after I met her.

Were they my neighbors? Not the way most of us use the term but in God’s eyes, yes they were. In the Bible a man also wanted to know the answer to that question. In Luke chapter 10, Jesus told him the story of a Samaritan who helped an injured traveler. In God’s eyes our neighbors are those who need our help not just the people who live on either side of us.

I was at a local Christian radio station helping with their fund-raiser when I got a phone call for a pledge. At that particular time the phone lines were not very busy so I asked if she needed prayer. She said yes and went on to tell me the story about her little granddaughter who had very serious medical complications related to Down syndrome. I told her my son also had Down syndrome and I began to pray with her. She gave me her email and asked me to keep in touch.

That night, as I tried to sleep, I could not get the conversation out of my head. I began to wonder if she lived nearby. The next morning I sent her an email asking her where she was. When I found out they were only 10 minutes from my home, I had no doubt about what I wanted to do. I asked if I could come over and meet with them and they agreed. I went to their home and prayed with them. As it turned out the baby was far too sick and God saw fit to take her home. In a matter of four short weeks I went from cradling her in my arms to celebrating her life at her funeral.

My life and theirs were changed the day a phone rang at a radio station and I answered it. We all have opportunities to reach out to a stranger and invest into their lives. But, the question is, will we? Will we take time out of our busy lives to help a neighbor? If we don’t we will never know the blessings we have missed.

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Proverbs 31 wife and mother of 6.
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